Friday, March 03, 2006

Get in to: And Then I Turned Seven

Formally knowing as '...And Then I Turned Seven...' the band recently released a new lil ep deely, The Jamestown Story, which has seen them develop into a more mature little emo-acoustic outfit. Once again, they're another lovely band i stumbled across on PureVolume, when i was in a very "gargh i'm depressed lets listen to painful acoustic stuff" but i've recent;y come back to enjoy them whilst, well, *not* miserable :P

# Sweet Dreams - And Then I Turned Seven

Now, i'll admit, their first ep/album Broken Summer had some rather poor lyrics, mixed in with some real jems. The band as a whole is very nice and i feel works really well, but at times you can really see why they're not *huge*. However i still find some of their songs to really hit a certain spot emotionally, and this is one of them. It's all about *really* liking someone but not actually being with them. Yet... :P It's lovely.

"Your bright eyes, resupply, my head knowing that you're just like me"

# In Loving Memory - And Then I Turned Seven

I haven't 'fallen' for the newer cd released in the same way, i think partly because it's only 5 tracks long really, but i'm sure i will when i hit the right kind of phase again. I do like the songs though, and as noted i feel they have taken a step forward in maturity. It's still generally whiney acoustic ramblings, *that* ahsn't changed. Most people misinterpret such genre bands *as* immature but i feel they definately have their place.

If you like either of these tracks i certainly recomend checking out the band a lil more, as linked above they have a PureVolume page and can also be found on MySpace.

I Need You - And Then I Turned Seven

As a random *bonus* to their first cd, they had a strange little techno type number sat unlisted at the end. It's quite basic and not exactly 'tune of the year' but i really like it. Once again it's a strong like/obsessiony type trak, which i seem to have a major weakness to :P This is nothing like the band's normal material, so it's worth just having a quick listen!

"Hello there. Good to see you. How are you? I need you..."


  1. hey hey.. i accidentally came across you little homepage thingy and thought "FINNALY"! ive been in love with the band 'and then i turned seven' for awhilw now, but i havent really found anyone else who enjoys them to the extent that i do. my favorte songs are 'if you live by the swrod, you die by the sword' && 'goodbye im sorry' && 'i need you' && 'under the stars' && 'in loving memory' && 'unforgettable night' && 'i miss you' && 'sweet dreams && omg i love ALL of their songs sooo much.. i dont classify myself as an emo.. though i do have black hair, i wear black clothes, i listen to emo music && most people call me an emo.. but still, im not like a depressed emo person who thinks the worlds against them or anything.. im more of a happy emo.. but i love the band and their songs are like the only ones i listen too.. but it drives my friends crazy cause they're not emos AT ALL!! but i dont care.. 'and then i tunred seven' is my most favortie band ever!! i love them so much and im just glad that someone else shares my passion aswell :D:D

    peace out and love

    <3 kate xXx \m/ xx

  2. sorry.. that last comment was from me :D

  3. Omg I love this band...

  4. got hooked on the song goodbye im sorry
    then was interested in seeing what other songs they had and i have come to love them lol